The iPad 3 and what Apple Needs to Deliver

May 15, 2011 at 2:18 am

In July 2010, I wrote “The next generation IPAD and what Apple has to offer.” Based on information obtained from the IOS updates and information coming from the semiconductor industry at the time, I updated the article that in November and polishing the crystal ball – to my usual way purely speculative – than I thought IPAD 2 could be similar or features to be included.

The IPAD 2 is here. For the most part, much of what I thought would be in the new model has come to fruition, but I have a series of surprises and some disappointments as well. The IPAD 2 is clearly an act of strong seconds after the first device, but improvements are still more or less elementary.

In the third version, Apple will have to up the ante considerably, because their competitors will have a lot of time in 2011 to make their offers refined and improved for the next product cycle.

We go through last year’s predictions about various features provided in the IPAD 2 to find out where the hit and miss, and to see if there is room for improvement in any of these areas that could make its way into IPAD 3.


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