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May 2, 2011 at 1:42 pm

We know there are a lot of talk about reading with this type of screen in front of a Kindle or other e-ink device, but we’ll just be straight with you – it did not hurt the eyes to use this as a reading device . You can turn the brightness by a significant amount, but it is only a matter of adjustment. After a few minutes we have not seen the device or the display of the latest technology – we’ve seen a book. We will not speculate on what feels prolonged use, but no data out there that suggests that technology may not be as important as some people think that is what concerns the e-reader screens.

For the most part, there’s not much to say about the IPAD when it comes to their physical attributes. The start button is your single point of interaction of the hardware with software, if you have volume controls and the interlock switch rotation. He actually does an impressive job in place of outputting a clean and balanced sound given its size, but let’s be honest – you will not use this as your sound system party. The 30-pin connector is standard issue for Apple’s mobile products, but we have serious problem with the lack of a USB port or SD card reader. The company offers both of these as an accessory as a means to transfer pictures and videos on the device, but it seems that such a glaring oversight that have built in these are worth mentioning. If Apple wants to compete with the market for netbooks – which is supposed to do – there should be some options beyond their port connector on the base of ownership. This just feels like a theft of money and a potential loss of third party peripheral.

A piece of hardware that you will not find here is a webcam, which lamented the lack of when we first saw the device. It’s a bit of a crime that the IPAD not permitted to conduct a conversation in iChat or Skype video, as the celebration of this in your hands while talking to a friend or family member not only looks like a match made in heaven , but the full realization of one of our science fiction fantasies. We know that Apple could not put all the components of the editors of Engadget might have expected, but this seemed obvious, and their failure has left almost everyone scratching their heads.

And one more item of note – Apple chose to put the headphone jack on the top of the device. Do not know about you, but we think the idea of ​​draping our headphone cable through the screen or that snakes around the back is a tremendously bad idea. And guess what? In practice, what kind of sucks. Why the company has not chosen to put the cap on the logical place – for example, the bottom of the iPad, or the side even – is a mystery, no doubt, our shelter every time.


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