Will receive two tablets IPAD free

April 10, 2011 at 11:30 pm

Weekly learn that I am “not as smart as a fifth grader,” and obviously I’m not as worthy as any kindergartner. I dare say that anyone reading this article is as fortunate as the pre-school in Auburn, Maine, will receive two tablets IPAD free thanks to a recent agreement by the school committee of Auburn. $ 200,000 was spent on buying the best pieces of technology on the planet, and intended to be made available to human beings currently eats glue and dirt in your pants without a hint of shame.

Ah, ’tis great to be a child. Playing games with no worries, no bills, ice cream every day, no obligations, no need to save up allowance to buy the pill fully responsible adults that can be used to maximum capacity may not have in their hands. Great connect guitar to ipad 2 must buy. The mother lode of technology these clueless little ankle-biters have beaten begin to appear in May and drip through the fall, according to Portland’s own WCSH Channel 6 News.

I can not imagine the scene in Portland, Maine kindergarten teacher lounges throughout the city, where K-grade teachers are high-fiving and whooping and yelling, because it is the real target of the purchase. Suddenly become so involved and dedicated to his work that even begins to take the IPAD 2s home with them to ensure they are current with all facets of the educational capabilities of the tablet. Such devotion!

Auburn School Superintendent Tom Morrill said he chose the iPad 2 because, and I quote: “When you look at what the IPAD two applications that are out there, to learn their letters of books you can read, paint your toes name, it is absolutely something we should do. “I think someone named Tom better than going back to remedial English grammar class, or hire a publicist.

And in another nod to the continuing education requirements of the Auburn school board, the plan describes, “the department plans to spend $ 200,000, a bit less than $ 500 each for 285 IPAD equipment for teachers and students.” I do not know what tax rate used in Portland, but I doubt that is 35%, because $ 500 times 285 units only $ 142,500. That should leave the Portland School Board and President Tom Morrill a lot of money for remedial classes in English and Mathematics. Can you say that I have an Apple iPad two yet? Yes, I went to Best Buy, and I was told by the manager of the store to be sold. Ok, read to article about car charger for ipad 2 review.


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