New rumors about Apple Working on a New Roof

April 2, 2011 at 9:04 am

Well here’s a good way to combat the possible generation, next, door glass. Trusted sources have provided new rumors about Apple working on a new roof to work on his intelligent next-generation iPhone. The concept not only provide a minimal screen saver magnetic unites and separates from the iPhone 5, but also provide a car waiting for the resumption feature of many BlackBerry users enjoy through sheathing in the cases, and the crowbar many customers to enjoy HTC and we all wish he would find in the iPhone 4.

Unfortunately no word on when we will see the next generation iPhone is a reality, but more likely it is to see the new cover with it free. I’m still trying to imagine a side of the deck to be an idea to taste in a smartphone, but is considered to provide a vertical fin, I will certainly consider it. Read To article About screen protector for ipad 2 2011.


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