Seeing is IPAD 2 cases for a month

March 21, 2011 at 6:48 am

We’ve been seeing is IPAD 2 cases for about a month, all of them with cuts developers same: a hole in the rear chamber, a hole in the front chamber and a big ol ‘hole speakers . Today is finding rhythms all of them, however: just find a case with a machined aluminum 2 within IPAD model. Dexim is eager exhibitors, with a design really interesting case involving a Bluetooth keyboard that attaches magnetically to the front of the sleeve-like the book, which enables configuration notebook style keyboard or a case Free when you want to shave a few ounces.

It was so interesting that we put our own inner IPAD, when we were told that it would be inappropriate because the case has been designed for the following IPAD. In fact, the model found in the box was a little bit thinner than the first generation ipad 2 case with a setup that leads to the edges, reminiscent of the iPod touch, and a start button located closer the bottom edge. We found all the clippings on the typical case, and its mirror on the demo machines, including a large square for the speaker.


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