The iPad 3 and what Apple Needs to Deliver

In July 2010, I wrote “The next generation IPAD and what Apple has to offer.” Based on information obtained from the IOS updates and information coming from the semiconductor industry at the time, I updated the article that in November and polishing the crystal ball – to my usual way purely speculative – than I thought IPAD 2 could be similar or features to be included.

The IPAD 2 is here. For the most part, much of what I thought would be in the new model has come to fruition, but I have a series of surprises and some disappointments as well. The IPAD 2 is clearly an act of strong seconds after the first device, but improvements are still more or less elementary.

In the third version, Apple will have to up the ante considerably, because their competitors will have a lot of time in 2011 to make their offers refined and improved for the next product cycle.

We go through last year’s predictions about various features provided in the IPAD 2 to find out where the hit and miss, and to see if there is room for improvement in any of these areas that could make its way into IPAD 3.


May 15, 2011 at 2:18 am

Talk about reading with this type

We know there are a lot of talk about reading with this type of screen in front of a Kindle or other e-ink device, but we’ll just be straight with you – it did not hurt the eyes to use this as a reading device . You can turn the brightness by a significant amount, but it is only a matter of adjustment. After a few minutes we have not seen the device or the display of the latest technology – we’ve seen a book. We will not speculate on what feels prolonged use, but no data out there that suggests that technology may not be as important as some people think that is what concerns the e-reader screens.

For the most part, there’s not much to say about the IPAD when it comes to their physical attributes. The start button is your single point of interaction of the hardware with software, if you have volume controls and the interlock switch rotation. He actually does an impressive job in place of outputting a clean and balanced sound given its size, but let’s be honest – you will not use this as your sound system party. The 30-pin connector is standard issue for Apple’s mobile products, but we have serious problem with the lack of a USB port or SD card reader. The company offers both of these as an accessory as a means to transfer pictures and videos on the device, but it seems that such a glaring oversight that have built in these are worth mentioning. If Apple wants to compete with the market for netbooks – which is supposed to do – there should be some options beyond their port connector on the base of ownership. This just feels like a theft of money and a potential loss of third party peripheral.

A piece of hardware that you will not find here is a webcam, which lamented the lack of when we first saw the device. It’s a bit of a crime that the IPAD not permitted to conduct a conversation in iChat or Skype video, as the celebration of this in your hands while talking to a friend or family member not only looks like a match made in heaven , but the full realization of one of our science fiction fantasies. We know that Apple could not put all the components of the editors of Engadget might have expected, but this seemed obvious, and their failure has left almost everyone scratching their heads.

And one more item of note – Apple chose to put the headphone jack on the top of the device. Do not know about you, but we think the idea of ​​draping our headphone cable through the screen or that snakes around the back is a tremendously bad idea. And guess what? In practice, what kind of sucks. Why the company has not chosen to put the cap on the logical place – for example, the bottom of the iPad, or the side even – is a mystery, no doubt, our shelter every time.

May 2, 2011 at 1:42 pm

Will receive two tablets IPAD free

Weekly learn that I am “not as smart as a fifth grader,” and obviously I’m not as worthy as any kindergartner. I dare say that anyone reading this article is as fortunate as the pre-school in Auburn, Maine, will receive two tablets IPAD free thanks to a recent agreement by the school committee of Auburn. $ 200,000 was spent on buying the best pieces of technology on the planet, and intended to be made available to human beings currently eats glue and dirt in your pants without a hint of shame.

Ah, ’tis great to be a child. Playing games with no worries, no bills, ice cream every day, no obligations, no need to save up allowance to buy the pill fully responsible adults that can be used to maximum capacity may not have in their hands. Great connect guitar to ipad 2 must buy. The mother lode of technology these clueless little ankle-biters have beaten begin to appear in May and drip through the fall, according to Portland’s own WCSH Channel 6 News.

I can not imagine the scene in Portland, Maine kindergarten teacher lounges throughout the city, where K-grade teachers are high-fiving and whooping and yelling, because it is the real target of the purchase. Suddenly become so involved and dedicated to his work that even begins to take the IPAD 2s home with them to ensure they are current with all facets of the educational capabilities of the tablet. Such devotion!

Auburn School Superintendent Tom Morrill said he chose the iPad 2 because, and I quote: “When you look at what the IPAD two applications that are out there, to learn their letters of books you can read, paint your toes name, it is absolutely something we should do. “I think someone named Tom better than going back to remedial English grammar class, or hire a publicist.

And in another nod to the continuing education requirements of the Auburn school board, the plan describes, “the department plans to spend $ 200,000, a bit less than $ 500 each for 285 IPAD equipment for teachers and students.” I do not know what tax rate used in Portland, but I doubt that is 35%, because $ 500 times 285 units only $ 142,500. That should leave the Portland School Board and President Tom Morrill a lot of money for remedial classes in English and Mathematics. Can you say that I have an Apple iPad two yet? Yes, I went to Best Buy, and I was told by the manager of the store to be sold. Ok, read to article about car charger for ipad 2 review.

April 10, 2011 at 11:30 pm

iPad 2 shortage has spread to the afterlife as Chinese families in Malaysia

During the Qingming Festival, also known as the festival of cleaning the graves, the Chinese communities in Asia to honor their ancestors by burning fake money or replicas of luxury items such as flashy cars and designer bags.

The festival, which is derived from the teachings of Confucius family loyalty and tradition, is also widely celebrated among the Chinese in Malaysia, representing a quarter of the 28 million people in the predominantly Muslim country, but multicultural.

“Some of my clients have dreams where their deceased relatives asked about luxury items, including the IPAD 2,” said Jeffrey merchant prayer issue while you cardboard boxes filled with fake money in his shop on the outskirts of the capital.

“I can only offer the IPAD model first,” he added, pointing to shelves stocked with the iPhone gadget with the paper and here Samsung Galaxy.

I sent in 300 IPAD two sets of replicas from China for the Qingming Festival, which has been flying off the shelves and left him struggling to meet demand – a scenario of Apple Inc (AAPL.O) also faces.

In the tea shop, the first and second generation iPads paper sold for a dollar by 888 gigabytes of capacity, an auspicious number in Chinese culture. A database of 16 gigabytes of IPAD life cost $ 499.

For some Chinese, technological gadgets are not part of the shopping list to their dead relatives.

“They belong to the older generation. If you give all these iPads call, do not know how to use it, “Thomas said Soong, 61, when they set fire to a pile of counterfeit money in the grave of his grandmother outside the capital of Malaysia.

“So we traditionally have shoes, shirts … all needs,” he said.

April 4, 2011 at 1:40 pm

New rumors about Apple Working on a New Roof

Well here’s a good way to combat the possible generation, next, door glass. Trusted sources have provided new rumors about Apple working on a new roof to work on his intelligent next-generation iPhone. The concept not only provide a minimal screen saver magnetic unites and separates from the iPhone 5, but also provide a car waiting for the resumption feature of many BlackBerry users enjoy through sheathing in the cases, and the crowbar many customers to enjoy HTC and we all wish he would find in the iPhone 4.

Unfortunately no word on when we will see the next generation iPhone is a reality, but more likely it is to see the new cover with it free. I’m still trying to imagine a side of the deck to be an idea to taste in a smartphone, but is considered to provide a vertical fin, I will certainly consider it. Read To article About screen protector for ipad 2 2011.

April 2, 2011 at 9:04 am

Apple is expected IPAD 2 is finally in Australia

Apple is expected IPAD 2 is finally in Australia, and is expected to fly off the shelves. If you are interested in Apple tablets at all, there are some alternatives for IPAD 2, led by Samsung Galaxy 10.1v Android Tab. Read our full Samsung IPAD 2 and Tab Galaxy 10.1v planned, and check out our guide to the best pills next in 2011.

As its name implies, the Samsung 10.1v Tab Galaxy has a 10.1in screen with a resolution of 1280×800, which means that compete directly with IPAD 9.7in 2. With this in mind, how Apple iPad 2 compare with the Samsung tab 10.1v Galaxy when it comes to the specifications?

March 28, 2011 at 5:29 am

A discussion thread on Apple

A discussion thread on Apple, which began March 1 revealed that many experienced users of its MacBook Pro GPU during freezing construction applications. A user was able to identify the problem to the discrete Radeon GPU for AMD. Freezing seemed to occur when the CPU-intensive applications coincided with the operation of applications that caused Mac OS X to automatically switch graphics processor Intel integrated graphics to the GPU Sandy Bridge.

Informs the user can reproduce this problem on every floor model MacBook Pro in the Apple store. Apple said the issue as a priority in its domestic support base, but believes that the problem lies in the firmware of the GPU. This Mac OS X 10.6.7 update is believed to solve the problem. If you experience problems with your MacBook Pro in early 2011, the update has been posted for you?

March 23, 2011 at 5:14 pm

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